1. The Economic Research Forum (Egypt), $5,000 (PI): “The role of fiscal policies in fighting poverty and reducing inequality in Iran with a focus on Energy subsidies reform: An application of Commitment to Equity (CEQ) framework”.

Other outside funding:
  1. Global Development Network: $5,000 (Jun. 2017– Oct. 2018)

  2. Humane Studies Fellowship, Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University: $4,000 (Academic Year:  2017–18)

  3. PhD Scholarship, Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University: $1,500 (Academic Year:  2015–16)

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals:
  1. Does Unrestricted Public School Choice Increase Racial Segregation? Evidence from a Natural Experiment in New Orleans”; Applied Economics Quarterly; Forthcoming.

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  4. “Do Refugee-Immigrants Affect International Trade? Evidence from the World’s Largest Refugee Case”; with Sucharita Ghosh; Journal of Policy Modeling; 37 (2); 291-307; 2015. 

Book Chapters:
  1. “Measuring the Effectiveness of Taxes and Transfers in Fighting Inequality and Poverty”; A chapter in Nora Lustig (Ed.) “Commitment to Equity Handbook. A Guide to Estimating the Impact of Fiscal Policy on Inequality and Poverty”; Brookings Institution Press and CEQ Institute, Tulane University; Forthcoming.

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  3. Measuring the Redistributive Impact of Taxes and Transfers in the Presence of Reranking”; Ibid.

  4. Analytic Foundations: Measuring the Redistributive Impact of Taxes and Transfers”; with Nora Lustig and Rodrigo Aranda Balcazar; Ibid.

Other Publications:
  1. “The Role of Fiscal Policy in Fighting Poverty and Reducing Inequality in Iran (An Application of the Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Framework)”; with Nora Lustig and Alireza Taqdiri; Economic Research Forum (Egypt) working paper series; No. 1020; July 2016.

  2. “Determinants of Child Mortality in Africa: A Methodological Discussion”; January 2016; Available at SSRN: 

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  5. “The Effect of Oil Revenue on Consumption Expenditure in Iran”; Proceedings of the 43rd annual conference of MCRSA; Bloomington, Minnesota; June 6-8, 2012.

Working Papers:
  1. Labor versus Capital in the Provision of Public Services: Estimating the Marginal Products of Inputs in the Production of Student Outcomes” Tulane working paper. September 2017.

  2. “Fiscal Policy, Inequality, and Poverty in Iran: Assessing the Impact and Effectiveness of Taxes and Transfers”; with Nora Lustig and Alireza Taqdiri. Tulane working paper. September 2017.

  3. The Theoretic Argument for a Brokered Convention: Examining the Strategies and Best Response Function for the Republican Party in the 2016 Presidential Election”; with Thomas P. Krumel Jr.

  4. Who Responds? Using Experiments to Identify Individual Responses to Policies”; with James Alm and Michael McKee.

Invited Talks:
  1. MENA Chief Economist Office Seminar Series at The World Bank; Washington D.C. June 28, 2017.

  2. Guest Seminar at the Middle East and Central Asia Department of the International Monetary Fund; Washington D.C. June 27, 2017.

  3. CEQ-IDB Workshop on Equity of Public Expenditure at the Inter-American Development Bank; Washington D.C. June 26, 2017.

  4. Learning Event on the Commitment to Equity Methodology at The World Bank; Washington D.C.; February and July 2016.

Conference Presentations:
  1. Upcoming: 87th annual conference of the Southern Economic Association; Tampa, FL; November 17-19, 2017.

  2. 7th meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ); New York City; July 17-19, 2017.

  3. Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Colloquium, Institute for Humane Studies at George Masson University; Fairfax, VA; November 13-15, 2015.

  4. The 49th annual meeting of the Missouri Valley Economic Association (MVEA); Memphis, Tennessee; October 25-27, 2012.

  5. The Mid-Continent Regional Science Association (MCRSA); Bloomington, Minnesota; June 6-8, 2012.